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With budgets stretched thin, finding affordable home cleaning services in Palm Springs can be a challenge. On top of that, when there’s just no time to devote to cleaning, you want the reassurance you’re bringing a qualified service provider into your home. But professional house cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive, and with a little foresight, you can find discount maid services that are actually cost-effective.

Tips to Ensuring Discount Maid Services in Palm Springs

As a leading maid services company, we know a thing or two about cleaning homes. Use these budget-conscious tips to ensure you’re receiving discount maid services every time.

Minimize clutter: the more clutter around your home, the longer it takes to clean around it. The longer the cleaning crew is in your home, the more you pay.

Have just a few rooms cleaned at a time: often, the cost of maid services is based on the number of rooms being cleaned. To ensure you’re receiving affordable cleaning services, pick just a few rooms to be cleaned. Skip the rooms that may not need to be cleaned as often as the main living areas.

Skip the hard floors: most maid services clean kitchen, bathroom, and entryway floors. However, if your home has additional hard flooring, just ask that it be vacuumed, since washing additional flooring will incur extra costs.

Look for a discount offer: maid service companies are always looking for new customers and use discount offers to entice service trials, which can often save you money. If you don’t have a coupon, ask if the company is offering discount maid services on a promotional basis.

Ask for and give referrals: many maid services offer referrers and those referred discount maid services as part of a referral program. Just ask!

Maintain the clean. If you have regular cleaning service, maintain your home between visits. Use timesaving tools like a squeegee or daily shower spray and quick wipes to keep sinks and toilets clean.

Sign up for regular service: most services charge more for the first cleaning since it takes longer to rid your home of dirt, dust, and grime buildup. After the first cleaning, however, regular services will be charged using a maintenance fee. Increasing the cleaning frequency will also save you money on each visit, since the home has less time to become dirty.

Although there are ways to save money on maid service, you should never sacrifice a quality, thorough clean from a reputable, bonded and insured company. The Maids offers a satisfaction guarantee on its services along with professional, affordable home cleaning services. To learn more, contact your local residential cleaning franchise or read about affordable cleaning services from Maid to Perfection.