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There are many benefits to using Maid to Perfection a professional cleaning service versus doing home cleaning yourself.

house cleaning palm springsThe first step to a healthy home is to clean it regularly. Family and work obligations may make it difficult for people to find the time to give their home a thorough, regular cleaning. With ongoing maintenance from a professional cleaning service, a home’s surfaces will be vacuumed, dusted, cleaned and disinfected on a regular schedule. This helps remove allergens like dust, pollen and dander, as well as viruses and bacteria throughout a home. After hiring a maid services provider, homeowners will never have to worry about the unexpected – family “dropping by” or neighbors “stopping to visit.” Homeowners can forget about rushing home to tidy up or missing important obligations in order to maintain their home.

In addition, depending on the service, a professional cleaning company may have more effective equipment, procedures or products than a consumer might use in his or her own home. For instance, Maid to Perfection’ commercial-grade Back Pack Vacs with HEPA filtration capture up to 99% of dust, allergens, bacteria, dust mites, pet dander, pollen and other pollutants. Our vacuum has been independently tested to remove up to two and a half times more dirt than a conventional upright.

If homeowners have a pet, that raises the stakes even higher due to pet dander, pet hair, allergens, and whatever else the pet brings into the house. With a conventional vacuum cleaner, tiny allergens may pass right through the bag, or the exhaust may blow still more of them up out of the carpet and into the air. Not with specialty vacuums many professional cleaning service companies use. Professional multi-filtered vacuums can capture particles as tiny as 1/210th the diameter of a human hair!

Hiring maid services in Palm Springs means greater cleaning efficiency.

The methods of a professional cleaning company can literally make homes cleaner and healthier than using most conventional cleaning practices, and it’s a wise idea when hiring a maid services provider to make sure to ask about the company’s cleaning philosophy.

Homeowners, when doing their own cleaning, often overlook areas that are cleaned by a service. For instance, Maid to Perfection vacuum the tops of ceiling fan blades and under beds, as well as registers and vents, including the refrigerator vent, to reduce dust and allergens in the home. We also damp wipe baseboards and window sills on our first visit to a home and routinely clean more places and areas in a home than one might get to on an average busy weekend.

In addition, a professional cleaning company’s employees are trained on the proper use of the products. A homeowner, however, may use a product on sale or try something new from the cleaning aisle and not understand its proper use or what surfaces it may be safely used on, causing damage to a home.

Maid to Perfection offers cleaning efficiency. With Maid to Perfection, homes are cleaned with teams of four members. In about an hour, Maid to Perfection can save homeowners four hours of valuable time that they can spend however they want — without lifting a finger to maintain their home! If homeowners don’t have time to keep up, they should consider hiring maid services. But just make sure to ask about the company’s cleaning procedures, products and equipment to be sure the home will get the thorough clean it needs and deserves.

When it comes to hiring a maid services provider you can count on, Maid to Perfection. Find one of our professional cleaning service franchises in a city near you