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Laundry Time!

Who smells fresh? You smell fresh! Or at least you will after trying out this simple recipe for making your own laundry detergent. One service that our standard maid service unfortunately cannot offer due to time constraints is laundry service (but hey, send us a message if you really need it done and we can probably help out). That means that in between your scheduled cleaning services, you’ll probably need to do your laundry one or two times. Who are we kidding? With the humid Palm Springs sun, regular laundry is almost essential. We’re going to show you a quick and easy recipe for making your own laundry detergent that will keep your clothes smelling fresh, the environment clean, and your wallet full.

First, a few ingredients we’ll need.

Borax (powdered hand soap, available at almost all grocery stores)
1 bar of soap (something plain and simple, like Ivory)
Washing soda (not baking soda!)
Cheese grated
A medium-sized pot
2 5-gallon buckets

We’ll start off by grating the bar of soap with the cheese grater. You’ll want to go all the way until there’s no bar left. Grate this into the pot to save a step. Next, add 4 cups of water to the pot, then turn on the stove to low-medium heat. Stir the soap/water mixture continuously until it’s all dissolved, usually about 10-15 minutes.

Fill your 5-gallon bucket about halfway with hot water. Pour in half a cup of washing soda, and a full cup of borax, and stir until it’s all dissolved. Add in your soap/water mix from before, and stir once again to mix everything up, then fill the bucket the rest of the way with hot water (leave about an inch or so at the top). Cover it in saran wrap (or a lid if you have one) and leave it to settle for about 24 hours.

Once you’ve returned, you’ll notice the consistency looks a bit different – that’s perfectly fine. Mix it up until it looks somewhat smooth, then pour half of the mixture into another 5-gallon bucket. Fill both of the buckets to the top with hot water and mix to dissolve everything. And that’s it! You’ll probably want to have a few jars or old jugs that you can use to create smaller containers for your detergent. We recommend mason jars or something of the like. Even with regular washing, this amount should last you well over a year and should only cost you a few dollars. How’s that for eco-friendly and affordable?

At Maid to Perfection we always want to make sure our customers are saving money wherever possible, without compromising on quality. That’s why we bring you the best quality maid service in Palm Springs without the hefty price tag. Even between our scheduled cleanings we want you to have the best. So go on, give our detergent a try – you’ll love it.