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The Importance Of A Clean House And Keeping Your Family Healthy

House Cleaning Palm SpringsWhen it comes to keeping your family healthy and in top shape, there are many obvious aspects that won’t come as a surprise. Of course nutrition plays a major role, as does getting exercise. Personal hygiene is important, as is staying mentally stimulated. But one thing you may not think of in relation to the health of your family is keeping a clean house free of dust, grime, and other harmful contaminants that can threaten the health of its inhabitants.

According to, maintaining a clean house is incredibly important for the health of:

Children – Children tend to crawl around on the ground and to put things in their mouths. As their bodies grow, children also breathe more air, eat more food, and drink more water than the average adult. This exposes children to the hazards of germs more easily than adults. If you don’t keep your floors, surfaces, and air clean, your child will be breathing in harmful germs and other contaminants leading to potential health problems.
Seniors – Poor lighting, loose rugs, uneven carpets, and lack or proper railings can lead to trips, falls, and all the bad consequences that come with them.
Expectant mothers – Dust, lead, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants that come with an unclean house can have serious potential for negative effects on the womb
Pets – You certainly don’t want your pets to breath in harmful chemicals, led, and other contaminants as they make their rounds throughout the house. Also, since animals tend to eat in bowls on the floor, keeping your floors clean is of major importance to your pets.

Safety Through Cleanliness

One thing you always want to do is to keep contaminants out of the mouth, eyes, and skin of your family. You’d be surprised at the wide variety of ways contaminants can work their way into your water and food.

You should always use a filter for your tap water, since old pipes that haven’t been maintained properly can begin to leak lead into your water supply, which is especially harmful to children.

Don’t allow anyone to smoke in your house, as cigarette smoke can cause everything from ear infections to asthma in children. Second hand smoke has also been proven to be harmful for adults as well.

Another major step to take is to have your cellar checked for radon, especially if your kids spend a lot of time down there. You can easily pick up a testing kit at any hardware store, and while you’re at it you should pick up a carbon monoxide alarm as well. To read further on these products, check out’ve heard the horror stories surrounding carbon monoxide, so don’t take any chances especially if you have a gas stove. Learn more tips on easy ways to keep your house clean and checked for contaminants.

From fire hazards and trips and falls to the injection of potentially deadly toxins, keeping a clean house is a major step toward keeping your family safe. Cleaning services such as Homejoy Cleaning Services of Toronto will take care of the house cleaning for you.

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