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With over 20 million people in the US suffering from allergies or coping with asthma, identifying and eliminating the primary source of these problems is vital to healthy living.

house cleaning palm springsThe usual suspect allergens include pollen, dust mites, dander, spores, insecticides, tobacco smoke, and household cleaning agents, but sometimes, common triggers go unnoticed. This fact is what makes cleaning for allergies and asthma so important. Below are a few healthy cleaning tips that will help you create a year-round house cleaning regimen for asthma sufferers and allergy-prone individuals.

Thorough, Deep Cleaning for Allergies and Their Triggers

As always, you should be using all natural cleaning agents, as some of the basic components in non-natural cleaners contain harmful scents and additives. You’ll also want to invest in a HEPA vacuum cleaner, which removes many of the fine dust particles that escape ordinary vacuums.

For bedding and sheets, wash the linens in 140° F water regularly. Every six to eight weeks, use the HEPA vacuum and steam cleaner on the mattress.
In the kitchen, use organic or environmentally-friendly cleaning products to wipe down countertops, stove tops, the inside of the refrigerator, and appliances.
In the bathroom, wash towels in hot water on a regular basis, and scrub down tiles and floors with a vapor steam cleaner, wiping up the residue with a rag. A mixture of lemon and water followed by steam cleaning will reduce water stains and mineral deposits on shower doors.
For upholstery, curtains, and rugs, use the HEPA vacuum and steam cleaner in tandem to ensure the freshest clean.

To schedule a home cleaning appointment or for more healthy cleaning tips, please contact Maid to Perfection. Our Clean Team understands the importance of cleaning for health, which is why we use only environmentally preferable cleaning products.